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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Holiday Showcase 11/3/2012 Part 1

Ok! So its been a while since the last post. First let me say I'm sorry about that. I have been preoccupied with many things in my personal life. Needless to say I am back, and will try to keep posting as often as possible!

I have been brainstorming lately to come up with ways to make this blog more fun! (Haha... not that it isn't fun already...) Like for instance different types of posts, for certain days of the week. I've been noticing that alot of the blogs that I follow (and love!) do this, and frankly it does make reading a blog a bit more fun! So, I decided why not?

 Soooo.... to start, for those of you who are the early birds in holiday shopping, I thought it would be fun to start a Weekend Holiday Showcase! Holiday season is coming! So every weekend, I will put up posts to showcase holiday gift ideas from my shop Margica on Etsy.

OK! Lets Get Started!

                       Matte Metallic Silver and Iridescent Peacock Czech Crystal Drop Earrings
                                                     (click here for link)

  MATERIALS: These are wired in silver. I wire almost all my jewelry in silver, but especially for my earrings. I used lever-backs for the closure clasp. They are comfortable and will stay put; I find that these are great closures because you don't lose the earrings so easily from the ear.

  These earrings feature Czech Crystals that have a metallic finish. They are multi-faceted, so that means you get the most sparkle out of these beads  when the light hits them! So pretty! I love using Czech crystals because they are one of the best quality crystals out there in the market.

  Made in the Czech Republic, the crystals are known to be one of their specialities. Fine quality, and excellent sparkle. I have found that these are way more durable compared to some other alternatives. They don't chip and break as easily. However, that doesn't mean you can go ahead and bang them like crazy! But with everyday wear, they will last and last.

FEATURES: A big part of my passion for jewelry, is making them! I love searching for new material, and these crystals (!!!) are a great example of me being a kid in a candy shop when I found these beauties. I already mentioned that the crystals I used have a metallic (chrome) finish. The top part of the earring, is a stack column of hematite-toned crystals.

  For those of you who are not familiar with hematite, it is a semi-precious stone that have such a beautiful cool silvery grey hue to them. These crystals have that same effect, BUT with SPARKLES!

The bottom part, features a crystal drop that has stripes of a light blue (similar to periwinkle) and a reddish orange hue. These too are multi faceted. What is so special about these crystals, is their effect. In the picture you can see that they have a effect of giving off multiple colors (hence the peacock name) The picture simply do not justice for them. When the lights hits them, you not only TONS of sparkle but a WHOLE RAINBOW of colors!  Jewel-tone purple, blue, green, even red. They change color, and it all depends on how they play with the light.

Also, no need to worry about these earrings being heavy. I personally don't like wearing earrings that are, which is why I make sure I always make them to be light in the ear.

PRICE: Originally these are listed for $15. BUT! Currently I am having a PROMOTIONAL SALE on Etsy! All you have to do is use my COUPON CODE : FALL10 and you get 10% off!

SHIPPING: I use standard shipping with FED-EX and will send you a tracking order number.
I charge $5.99 for shipping in the U.S. For everywhere else $6.99.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for specific shipping requests (click here), scroll down and click contact shop owner bottom of description page of the item. NOTE: You have to have an account with Etsy to send a convo to me. You also need to have an account (its free!) to buy or sell anything on Etsy too. Normally I ship the day I get the order, at most the day after.

(sorry for the low quality, I tried to zoom in for a better view)
Have any questions or thoughts? Please leave a comment and I promise I will respond.

Before I finish, just want to send my thought and prayers to all those who have been affected on the east coast by Hurricane Sandy! Where I live, in NYC, so many have lost everything, as well as in other parts of the east coast and it is truly devastating....

To help bring relief, please visit the www.redcross.org.

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