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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My gift from Rio

  A very dear friend of mine had recently went to Rio de Janeiro to spend a magical vacation for a couple of weeks. She absolutely loves to visit exotic locations all over the world, and Brazil had always been at the top of her list. While she filled her days with adventure, such as  having fun in the sun at the Copacabana, dancing the samba and the Bossa Nova at the clubs, and touring the Sugarloaf and Corcovado mountains, in browsing through one of the local markets she found these exquisite Murano glass beads and gave them to me as a present. In one set are these round-like (yet slightly shaped as a hexagon) beads that are of a rich bright red with subtle horizontal stripes. The other set of murano glass beads are periwinkle blue, striped, and are twisted. Of course I accepted my present wholeheartedly. It was such a  very kind and thoughtful gesture on her part.
    To think of it, these Murano glass beads have had their own adventurous journey around the world themselves! From Murano, Italy they landed in the fabulous Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, and finally, here in New York City!!
  I used some of these exquisite Murano glass beads for a unique pair of earrings that only one woman in the world shall have. They are wired in silver, and for a "dangle" I  also added these opaque moonstone beads as a finish.

Feel free to let me know what you think!

Friday, May 20, 2011

River Pebble

    Recently at a sale event, watching women come and go as they looked at our pieces, I realized that most of them were not looking in fact for that special OOAK (one of a kind) piece. They were just browsing for a bargain. With today's economy it is understandable. If it were otherwise, it would be different. However I noticed that, although they looked for a great bargain, many didn't really have a clue as to what they were looking at. I pride in myself  of using quality materials such as semi precious stones, silver, and swarovski crystals. But to some of these women, they could have been looking at plastic, cheap metal, and glass for all they knew! It struck me really hard, and I had the compulsive need to shout out and say, "Hello! May I have your attention please! This piece is..."
  Yes you are looking at necklaces, earrings, and so forth, but you are also looking at the manual labor that was put in to make them. Hours of toiling with a few beads, as well as coming up with the concept that would please a woman's eye. What you are looking at is also made of love, imagination, and dedication, for not saying the many years behind learning the trade. They are unique as are women individually. Only one piece of that concept exists for only one woman to have in the world.
  Sometime last fall, somewhere on a river bank, just before sunset I packed up our picnic stuff and called out to my daughter, and pooch Muffy. Funny enough, Muffy came running to me holding a pebble in her mouth! I love collecting stones and as a joke I said, "Thanks Muffy you have great taste!". I spent that night playing with that pebble in my hand, and suddenly a light bulb lit up! And that is how the "Fisherman's Daughter" came to be created! I crocheted silver wire into a delicate mesh that framed Muffy's pebble. Like the pebble, this piece is unique, and only one woman can have it.
   Sure the pebble is just a pebble, but I made the piece in such a way that the pebble is not just a pebble anymore.  It is now a piece of jewelry. One woman thought so and she bought it. Bonne chance my little pebble!!

Fisherman's Daughter

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I love what I do!

   People are often asking with a dismayed look upon their faces--"and what do you think you are going to achieve?" Or even more often, "Did you sell something today?" Of course these questions are asked in sincerity. Being an artist as well as trying to make a living out of it is really tough. So of course questions like this will be asked over and over again. No matter how tiring it becomes to constantly hear them. 
    Since the first of July Margica was up and running as a shop on Etsy. However what you see on Etsy is really a fraction of what I create. How can I explain that for me, in every moment of my day I see beautiful things around me and I'm constantly creating new combinations from everything ordinary to extraordinary. I am sure you'd say, "Ok, beauty is in the eye of the beholder". This is true, very true indeed. Everyone of us is a gifted person in their own way. The most important thing is to love what you do and to share your joy with the rest of the world around you. I believe that God gave me a gift---he gave me two hands and a curious mind to build my life with.
    Margica is a site where my unconditional love for our planet can be expressed--natural stones and crystals put together in special ways to be adorned by women. Yes, we love beads, we feel empowered and more feminine. One of my special pieces is this crocheted necklace.

Romantic Crocheted Necklace  with Jade and Leopards Skin Jasper.
A simple mercerised cotton ball has been transformed into a delicate ruffle necklace. Jade beads compliment the natural cotton feel with a romantic hue that blends with the earthiness of the leopard jasper; this is a classic piece that is timeless.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


  Found in colors ranging from a golden-brown to a gray-blue, Pietersite is a beautiful iridescent stone. Discovered in 1962 in Namibia, this stone has been referred to as the Tempest Stone.* As we know the term tempest refers to a storm. I find it highly interesting that while it is connected to elements that of a storm, Pietersite is said to hold "the keys to the kingdom of heaven"*.
    If one believes in metaphysical properties that of stones, Pietersite has a special energy relating to the spirituality within as well as helping to tune our capabilities to be conscious to what is around us; as well as being conscious to our own desires in life, and to help guide us to the paths that we must each follow. The energies within Pietersite help to clear confusion by relinking ourselves to our own inner guidance; therefore allowing us to recognize truth amidst a cloud of uncertainty.*
    The idea that it is the Tempest Stone and that it holds "the keys to the kingdom of heaven", symbolically represent the philosophical idea that each and every one of us have a path that we must follow. Yet however tempestuous it may be, by being conscious to our own inner truth, our inner guidance, we can each reach our destination despite the difficulty of the road ahead. Pietersite symbolizes the turmoil that we must each experience, but at the same time Pietersite reminds us that the storm shall always pass.
  These earrings display two pietersite stones that are a reddish-gold brown with faint spots of blue-grey. The feldspars help give the stones their iridescent quality.

Pietersite and Gold Swarovski Crystal Earrings
They are wired in silver.

*References from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh Starry Night!!

  Travel back in time and cherish those moments when love encompass you with freedom wings. Once a year, for a week I pack my red Volvo station wagon with our beach gear (including our fishing poles), my dog Muffy, my cat Miss Minnie, and of course my daughter, and head on for Route 12 South.......HA HA I bet you have no idea where we are heading. Well I'll give you a hint, think about Blackbeard's hideaway, or if you know where the "lost colony" was abandoned by Sir Raleigh.
   Yes we spend our magical week in the barrier islands of North Carolina, the famous Cape Hatteras Island, Outer Banks. This is already for all of us home away from home even if it is only for a week.
    The magical sky of the Outer Banks inspired me to create a necklace called Starry Night. Imagine the clearest night sky, where the Milky Way is so vivid that you can touch it with your fingers; where the stars allow you to see the endless depth of the universe. Spending nights on the beach around the bonfire, trying my luck for a catch, munching on a well burnt marshmallow, and counting the shooting stars for not saying telling pirate stories make our time in the Outer Banks so, so precious!
  This necklace Starry Night is much more than just another piece of jewelry. It is created with those very precious moments in the Outer Banks in mind. The beautiful starry nights, the bonfires, the magical stories of pirate adventures, the mystical aura of the "lost colony", all helped to inspire me as I created this necklace.

Starry Night

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Aruba-Ruba: Make Way for the Sun!!!

  Now that May is finally here, summer is only a little more than a month away!
Of course, some of you may have already started your 'summer' vacation by going away to some exotic location in paradise. Or for those of us who aren't traveling anytime soon,  we pamper ourselves by other ways to indulge ourselves with the spirit of summer!  The inspiration to wear tropical fragrances, drink mojitos or frozen daiquiris, wear light summer dresses,  and who can forget the accessories!!
    I made a jewelry set inspired by the fabulous vacation getaway location: Aruba!!
The golden sun, aquamarine skies, and of course the glistening crystal-clear ocean....*sigh*... I am there already!...
With an aqua aventurine pendant, adorned with czech crystals and glass beads, I wired this necklace with sterling silver with a bali silver clasp. Earrings are definitely an eye-catcher!!

The crystals will sparkle and sparkle; catches the sunlight so beautifully, that you should expect many compliments!
Please tell me what you think!!!