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Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh Starry Night!!

  Travel back in time and cherish those moments when love encompass you with freedom wings. Once a year, for a week I pack my red Volvo station wagon with our beach gear (including our fishing poles), my dog Muffy, my cat Miss Minnie, and of course my daughter, and head on for Route 12 South.......HA HA I bet you have no idea where we are heading. Well I'll give you a hint, think about Blackbeard's hideaway, or if you know where the "lost colony" was abandoned by Sir Raleigh.
   Yes we spend our magical week in the barrier islands of North Carolina, the famous Cape Hatteras Island, Outer Banks. This is already for all of us home away from home even if it is only for a week.
    The magical sky of the Outer Banks inspired me to create a necklace called Starry Night. Imagine the clearest night sky, where the Milky Way is so vivid that you can touch it with your fingers; where the stars allow you to see the endless depth of the universe. Spending nights on the beach around the bonfire, trying my luck for a catch, munching on a well burnt marshmallow, and counting the shooting stars for not saying telling pirate stories make our time in the Outer Banks so, so precious!
  This necklace Starry Night is much more than just another piece of jewelry. It is created with those very precious moments in the Outer Banks in mind. The beautiful starry nights, the bonfires, the magical stories of pirate adventures, the mystical aura of the "lost colony", all helped to inspire me as I created this necklace.

Starry Night

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