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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Holiday Showcase 11/11/12: Matte Agates, Metallic and Teal Crystal Jewelry Set:

 For the holiday season you can never go wrong with a little sparkle. That has always been my philosophy. And to be honest...why not? I mean, who wouldn't want to sparkle?

      Girls, when it comes to jewelry,  a little sparkle never fails to make you feel extra special.

Matte Agates, Teal, Black Metalic Crystal Jewelry Set
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Making my girls feel extra special has always been my objective in making jewelry. This jewelry set is no exception.

MATERIALS: This is a choker length necklace LOADED with Teal and Black Metallic Czech Crystals, Agates with a matte finish AND accents of natural Black Onyx. The earrings are of a short length, each with a teal crystal that dangles (plus an accent of small black rondelle crystals each). ALL WIRED IN SILVER.
FEATURES:  I LOVE to use Czech Crystals (as you might have probably already figured that out...!) and these crystals oh so especially! Why do I love them? For one I can't get enough of these metallic crystals that come out in the market. I already used them in a few other earrings and necklaces. I just love the metallic finish that these have, and because they also are multi faceted, their finish adds that extra oomph! I promise you that you won't get enough of playing with them, as the light simply does magical things with these crystals.
Teal I feel (hey a rhyme!) will always be a gorgeous color to wear in the winter. These crystals are rich and bold in color. They have a phenomenal depth in color to them.

    Now to the Agates!
Ok, these are so special. Normally I find my agates with a polished finish with a little shine to them. These however are exceptional because they are matte! Their finish is unlike anything I have seen until now. When I say matte I mean to say that they have a frosted and satin look to them without any of the normal shine that semi-precious stone beads usually have.
Each bead is unique and you will see different colors and stripe patterns. You have some black, white, reddish-orange, brown, which are all natural colors that agates have.

I also added as an accent two round Black Onyx beads as well.
The necklace is 28 inches long and has a black enamel toggle clasp for closure.
Earrings are half an inch long (1/2 inches).
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