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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Showcase 11/24/12: Sodalite Jewelry Set with Lapis Lazuli and Blue Lilac Aventurine

Hello everyone!

Last weekend I was unable to continue the Holiday Showcase series. I sincerely apologize and will try to keep up in the future.

 A quick announcement for my Etsy shop. The coupon code FALL10 has now been extended to December 1! Use this coupon to get 10% off on all my jewelry.

Ok, so lets begin!

(photo by Margica)
    Sodalite Jewelry Set with Lapis Lazuli and Blue Lilac Aventurine
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  A lovely combination with natural semi-precious stones: sodalite, lapis lazuli, and blue violet aventurine. This set includes a necklace with a drop pendant and slender long

MATERIALS: Natural semi-precious stones (Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Aventurine), deep amethyst colored swarovski crystals, variety of Czech glass, bali silver clasp closure, silver hooks (earrings) and silver wire.
(photo by Margica)
FEATURES: Wired in silver. A large chunky piece of sodalite is used as the focal point of the necklace. Almost in a organic shape of a heart, the stone rests nice and flat against the chest. The necklace is 21 inches long and it has a v-shape form. Small beads of blue aventurine and a single deep amethyst swarovski crystal add a nice dangle.
(photo by Margica)
   For the rest of the necklace, all the small round beads that you see are of blue lilac aventurine. You might wonder why lilac ? In the pictures they tend to look more of a lighter blue in comparison to the blue czech glass beads (more on them later), but in person they do have a faint lilac, light purplish hue to them. Which is why I used the swarovksi crystals, which are a rich deep purple, to pick up on the purple from the aventurine stone.
  The swarovski crystals are faceted, have a hexagonal spiral form, and they have a beautiful rich amethyst-purple hue. Swarovski crystals are one of the best fine quality crystals made, if not THE best. They have a hard resistancy, (they don't break or scratch as easily---but again, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be gentle with them!) and they simply sparkle, sparkle, and sparkle!
   As you may have already realized, I couldn't help but add a few crystals in this piece. I simply love my sparkles!
(photo by Margica)

    Moving on, there are a variety of czech glass beads that I used. Such as two large frosted round blue glass beads (the largest beads of the bunch), and small round faceted beads that are a deep black and opaque. Sandwiched in between the small black beads are clear faceted rectangular beads. Aside from the swarovski crystals, these are the only clear beads in the bunch. These too had a little sparkle, but mostly great light-play!
   You'll have to excuse me when I say light-play. I don't think its a real term ( lol let me know if it is!), but I use it to mean when a bead looks spectacular when the light directly hits it. Such as having a great sparkle quality, or giving a wonderful depth of hue and intensity when lit! 
  Last but not least, the final czech glass that I used are two medium sized rectangular glass beads. These have a frosted quality and when looking closely they have swirls to them. 
 Aside for the black, all of the czech glass beads correspond to the same family of blue more or less. I would describe their color to range from rich cobalt
The closure clasp is a S shaped hook made of bali silver from India. Very easy to put on and take off. But don't worry, it stays put and secure in place.
(photo by Margica)

 Wired in silver. Earrings are 3 inches long. Light and slender in the ear. Here you have three small beads of blue lilac aventurine, oval-round lapis lazuli and a swarovski crystal each. At the time I didn't have any small sodalite stone beads that I could use for the earrings. The pieces that I had were a bit heavy, as I like to make sure my earrings are as light in the ear as possible. Who wants their earlobes to droop? Not me.
  But nonetheless lapis lazuli does fall into the same color family that i was going for. As does sodalite, these stone beads have a little bit of white in them, and if even faint hints of gold specks too! (Something which lapis lazuli is known to have).
So there you have it!
Any comments or questions, feel free to post them below!
And remember coupon code FALL10 has been extended to December 1. Use it on all items in my shop at www.margica.etsy.com.
Currently so many shops are having promotions for the holidays, so feel free to check out Etsy for all things handmade (and vintage!).

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