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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Holiday Showcase 11/10/12: Long Beaded Necklace with Unakite, Gold Pearls, Peridot, Amethyst and Copper Crystals

Hello Everyone!

I love long necklaces!
There is just something so chic about wearing a long strand necklace. Simply because there are so many ways you can wear one!
You can wear it simply as is, or tie a knot in the middle, (as did famously Coco Chanel with her long pearl necklaces).
 Double it or even it make a more layered look by wrapping it tree times around. Either way, long necklaces are so versatile and you can get so many looks with just one piece of jewelry.
Long Strand Beaded Necklace with Unakite, Gold Freshwater Pearls, Green, Copper and Amethyst Czech Faceted Crystals
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                                                        Ok! Let's get started.

MATERIALS:  This necklace features Unakite which is a natural semi-precious stone, gold freshwater pearls, and three different kinds of multi-faceted Czech Crystals in Peridot AB, Copper, and Amethyst AB. This necklace has a silver toggle clasp with red Swarovski crystals. As I do with the majority of jewelry, this piece is wired in silver.

FEATURES: Length: 55 inches long.

As I have already mentioned, Unakite is a natural semi-precious stone. I emphasize this because every single stone bead is unique. You can have swirls and spots of browns, sandy beige, grey, black, brown, and even shades of red and muted grey-blue green. Each varies by color and pattern.

What is really nice about Unakite, (and one of the reasons I love to work with it) is that it features a lot of neutral colors.
This makes it so easy to wear! Neutral colors are great in complementing with almost anything you wear.

On each side of each Unakite stone you have small multi-faceted Czech Crystals in Amethyst with an AB (aurora borealis) finish. AB finishes are known to catch the light beautifully, and they give you colorful sparkles.

Next I used round gold dyed freshwater pearls. The only way I can describe their color is that they are warm and buttery.

I used other Czech crystals as well. The second kind I call Copper, but really they are Copper and Clear. What?!? How so? Well, whats neat is that half of the bead is clear and the other half has a copper foil. On the outside the copper foil has a satin-metallic finish. But, when you look inside from the Clear side, you can see how the copper foil sparkles and sparkles! This is due to the multi-facets that these crystals have.

The third kind, are crystals that have a bright peridot-green color with an AB finish as well. These are much larger in size than the Amethyst AB or Copper/Clear Czech Crystals.

Lastly, (I know... this is running a little long here!) this necklace has a toggle clasp for closure. Made in silver with three small red Swarovski crystals. One of them is an accent to a flower designed in the clasp.

Ok! Finished!

Ok....well not yet! Before I tune off, I wanted to let you all know that along with everything else in my Etsy shop, you can use this COUPON CODE: FALL10 and get 10% off!!!

Coupon expires Nov 18.2012.

Please note that this piece is One Of A Kind. Meaning: there is only one necklace such as this...period.

For Shipping Info please visit the item's page by clicking here. I ship the day of the order or the day after the most. For specific shipping options please do not hesitate to contact me. You can do so by email: margicajewelry@gmail.com. Or, click here and scroll down the page and click contact shop's owner

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