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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ode to Miss Minnie!!

    Oh, oh, oh this is funny. I just can't wait to share this event with you. I decided to work with a few beads of green turquoise some nights ago. I made myself a fresh cup of coffee, and comfortably sitting on the floor in a my yoga position (which I find to be very relaxing), I let my fingers play with my stones trying to decide the most appropriate design. Next to me our pooch Muffy, busy munching on a homemade carrot treat and lifting her eyebrows in contempt from time to time. Well my creative impulse seemed to be stuck at the moment, inspite my urge to produce something. Frustrated I opened boxes after boxes of supplies looking for that something to compliment my green turquoise. Miss Minnie, our indescribable magnificent feline companion, (she is a mix of norwegian and siberian forest cat with something of unknown origin) was watching me toil with my beads from underneath the dining room table.
 Her golden green eyes sparkled with interest. "Ok!" I said, "why don't you help me here? You choose what beads I should use for this." I reached for my cup of coffee. Miss Minnie stretched and fluffed her bushy tail, moved her "bloomers" as if to tell Muffy "Watch me in action", and gently began inspecting my boxes of beads one after the other. She pushed out a small bag of white beads, next one of black beads, and finally some grassy green ones.  As she finalized her action, she stood silent as a sphinx locking her eyes into mine as if to say, "These are your beads, this is your challenge, take it or leave it."
  Well, I guess I accepted her "challenge" and here it is, my new feline-approved necklace and earring set. Beautiful, feminine, and lets say different. Thank you Minnie!!!


                 Our Miss Minnie

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