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Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Kaatskill" pearls

  The last pearl has been attached to my new piece, and a swarovski hook clasp finished my new necklace, nice, I like it. It is Sunday morning and our apartment is filled of with a suave bouquet of french lavender and chocolate mint leaves that we found yesterday while traveling in the Catskills. After one rainy, oppressive foggy week, it was a blessing to see the sun break the clouds and smile upon us. Summer officially began this week, and it marked the five-hundred year anniversary since Captain Hudson's historic trip up the river. What really happened to him and his crew? It is a mystery to this day. Yes, we know there was a mutiny aboard, and Captain Hendrick (Henry) Hudson was never to be heard of again. However, I like Washington Irwing's story about Rip Van Winkle (1819), and I make believe that it is true. Every time we travel in the Catskill area and hear thunderous noises, I tell my daughter, "Hear that, they are playing nine pins again". According to the story the ghosts of Capt. Hudson and his crew keep drinking  rum from the kegs and play nine pins (like modern-day bowling). With each trip into the Catskills, (or Kaatskills as the Dutch settlers in the 17th century called the region) we wonder about the history of these old crumbling mountains that once were at the bottom of the sea, millions of years ago.
 Yesterday we roamed around the Slide mountain, which is considered to be the tallest being 4,180 feet (1,274m) above sea level in Ulster county. I found that the mix of basalt, feldspar, and granites deposits from an ancient Delta, and glaciers all make a fascinating mix of mother nature's treasures. What I found to be the most mesmerizing are the quartzite stones ranging from bright white, banded orange-tan, to a deep dark red and grey. They form a true symphony of colors.  The most beautiful of all are the slates of blue sandstone, a reminder of the wave-beaten sandy Delta shores. Well, last night after we returned from our trip, I began to work as I wanted to seal the impressions of the day with a new jewelry piece. The earthy tones of the Indian agates I felt to be the most appropriate as the basis of my theme. I added small mother of pearl rings as a symbol of eternity, as well as bright green freshwater pearls and nacre sprinkled with hematite beads and bright grass-green crystals.This sweet overwhelming chocolate mint and french lavender bouquet give me wings, transporting me to another magical place. Oh yes! I am ready to go, and please no GPS needed. This is a BIG NO NO! Adventure awaits!


                  Our pooch Muffy who travels with us all over.

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