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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Mother's Prayer

  We are having a summer storm, thunder, lightening, and lots of water pouring down in a heavy rampage as if even the sky responds with anger at the news coming from my TV set. I do not feel very well, as a matter of fact, I found myself traveling back in time, more often that I would like. I see myself playing with my daughter when she was about two years old, having her in my arms I can even smell her sweet young skin, and I remember telling myself what a miracle that she is in my life. I was dealing at the time with the aftermath following my husband's death from cancer, trying to reinvent myself in order to be able to take care of her as a responsible parent. Yes, she is the apple of my eyes, the most important person in my life.
  I remember an image that I saw long ago in a documentary on PBS. This image remained with me since then. A snow monkey mother carried her dead baby for days as she followed her clan still fiercely protecting it, not ready to let go... What a powerful  message. Caylee Marie two years old was killed, by accident or by human hand; her smile and big eyes immortalized in pictures haunt the news every day. A woman who was supposed to be a mother failed miserably to protect her young life. I am not going to tell you more. You all know her name, you all know everything about the trial. What I am writing now is for me to let go of the pain that I feel thinking of the innocent soul, betrayed by the woman who was supposed to love and cherish her, and in the same time betrayed by our society. Yes, I feel pity for this woman who will never know the joy of real motherhood; of seeing her daughter grow up, blooming into a beautiful young lady as I have seen mine who is now eighteen years old. 
  All I can do is pray. Pray to God that he takes care of Caylee, and cradle her close to his heart. Sleep in peace Caylee and forgive us all. As I am writing this, the rain has stopped and the sky is clear. On the horizon I can see it. A huge arc, a beautiful rainbow comes as a sign from the heavens as an answer to my prayer.

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