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Monday, March 21, 2011

Bali Dance Earrings

  A dear friend of mine wanted a pair of earrings with a touch of color to change her present look. For years she wore large gold hoops, which are in fact very pretty but wearing them all the time made her quite bored. The problem was, she couldn't quite make up her mind on what color she should order he earrings in. It took me quite a while to figure out what I should make for her. When finally I found these perfect "four seasons" beads, that can compliment any outfit, at any time of the day, rain or shine!
       Not only are they cute, they dangle and are sure to catch attention! I used special beads called dichroic glass. Inside they have silver foil, with blue, green, yellow, brown, and red blended in. These beads play with the light, illuminating the colors, making them pop!
  On the bottom of the earrings dangles a  tiny moonstone.  A very feminine stone, it has an irredescent milky color. You can see the colors of the rainbow (similar to that of an opal). It is a "stone of new beginnings"*, and it is said that moonstone enhances one's intuition.
I can't say how much she loved these earrings!

* The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

Crazy Jasper and Jade: Stressbusters!!

  So many of us, including me, are  too often worn out, and stressed due to the everyday obstacles that life brings us. Stress is a normal part of our lives, and in small doses every now and then keeps us on our toes. Things get done when a little bit of pressure is applied.  No one enjoys feeling stressed out, therefore every thing possible is done to relieve it. Too much stress and we have a serious problem, for too much of a good thing is a bad thing.
  Crazy Jasper is a wonderful stone that brings many benefits to the table.  Like all Jaspers the colors, as well as  the pattern combinations depend upon the location of origin, and to it's mineral composition.  Crazy Jasper is like a "wildcard", and it can contain whatever color or pattern that nature can invent. So first off, because of it's 'crazy' nature, you get all the benefits that Jasper has to offer. Jasper can help regulate your stress levels and reduce your feelings of anxiety, and it calms your nervous system to help sharpen your focus.* With Jasper you won't have much trouble keeping your eye on the ball! Yellow channels positivity, green and brown bring balance and stability, and red heightens your energy with stimulation.
  Another stress-buster is Jade. Jade has long been revered by the Chinese with it's ability to bring harmony, good luck, friendship, and to be nurturing, as well as a bringer of purity and tranquility. Jade helps to purify your thoughts disspelling negativity, while promoting inner peace and wisdom.*
  So if your stress has you in the bag consider either of these stones, if not both! Its best to wear them in some form of jewelry as to provide contact, or just keep a stone with you. Every now and then hold it in your hand; by rubbing it, concentrate on the touch and what it feels like.
  I created a special and unique jewelry set with a combination of Crazy Jasper and Jade. Check it out! Let me know what you think! Wired in silver, I also added gold czech glass beads as to help bring out the warm tones in the Jasper, and to balance the ying and yang.


*References from: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Token of Friendship

   A couple of days ago my daughter had let me know that she is going to study abroad this summer in the Mediterranean area. Remembering some movies that we had seen a while back, "Mamma Mia!", and "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants", we both envisioned  clear blue skies, and the sparkling cerulean mediterranean sea. When she asked me what little knick-knacks she should bring to give to the new friends she might make there, I made something for her. It's a Friendship Necklace made of a fine Italian multi-colored ribbon that is crocheted, and holds a blue howlite as a pendant. The colors of the rainbow represent harmony, and peace; two elements that are essential to maintaining lasting friendships.  Howlite is said to be a calming stone, and helps to bring ourselves in tune to our intuitions and inner peace. The round shape of the stone also symbolizes continuity; so to be sure that the friendship will be lasting.
                                              Friendship Necklace / Rainbow Crocheted Necklace with Blue Howlite Pendant
Check it out in my Etsy shop, Margica!

Behind "A Rose For You"

  Before my daughter went back to college for her second semester, I made this bracelet as a token of my motherly love for her, and as a reminder that she is the rose in my life. This is her first year in college, and naturally it was a dramatic change to our rhythm of life. She loved my present so much that she wore this bracelet everyday as her connection to home, and me. So many of her friends were taken with the bracelet that I decided to make more for them to send to their mothers. Of course, each girl had chosen a different color for their rose, thus producing a rainbow of roses.  I listed one on my online shop, and hopefully other mothers will have a chance to order this token of motherly love for their daughters.
                                A Rose for You /Crocheted  Bracelet