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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Token of Friendship

   A couple of days ago my daughter had let me know that she is going to study abroad this summer in the Mediterranean area. Remembering some movies that we had seen a while back, "Mamma Mia!", and "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants", we both envisioned  clear blue skies, and the sparkling cerulean mediterranean sea. When she asked me what little knick-knacks she should bring to give to the new friends she might make there, I made something for her. It's a Friendship Necklace made of a fine Italian multi-colored ribbon that is crocheted, and holds a blue howlite as a pendant. The colors of the rainbow represent harmony, and peace; two elements that are essential to maintaining lasting friendships.  Howlite is said to be a calming stone, and helps to bring ourselves in tune to our intuitions and inner peace. The round shape of the stone also symbolizes continuity; so to be sure that the friendship will be lasting.
                                              Friendship Necklace / Rainbow Crocheted Necklace with Blue Howlite Pendant
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