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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Part 2 Holiday Showcase 11/3/12

  Onward to Part 2 of today's edition of the Holiday Showcase!

Earlier I showcased a pair of metallic crystal drop earrings (click here or scroll down to the prior post). Well, in continuing today's theme of metallic crystals I have another pair to show you!

Multi Faceted Purple/Gold, Blue and Red Orange Czech Crystal Drop Earrings
                                                     (click here for item's page on Etsy)  
I love to sparkle, and I know a lot of us women love to sparkle too! What is neat about these earrings is that you can wear them with almost anything. They are delicate and slender. Dressed up or casual, these add a special touch to your outfit.
Holidays are coming up, and anything that sparkles always seems to be trendy for the season. And don't forget about New Year's Eve!

MATERIALS: I like to use silver to wire my earrings. (I include care instructions with the item on how to clean and preserve the jewelry items). These also have silver lever-back clasps which are great to secure the earrings, and you won't have to fear of losing them from your ear. Plus, I used some silver findings (accents) as well. You can see them in the top half of the earring. They are long with a spiral carving and they separate the two sets of crystals.
  I love Czech Crystals, which are made in the Czech Republic. Not only do they have a wonderful sparkle to them, but they are made of fine quality. These are great for everyday wear as they will not break and chip as easily as other crystals. (But again! That doesn't mean you can thrash them about, because then they will). I say this, because there are some crystals that have an excellent sparkle quality, but they chip so easily!
FEATURES: In each earring, you have two faceted purple Czech crystals that have a gold iridescence depending on how the light hits them. I can't begin to tell you how pretty they are! Its a little slight in the picture, but this is more visible in person.
Alongside these purple/gold crystals, are two hematite-tone small crystals each. Hematite has a cool silvery grey hue, they are semi-precious and have a metallic quality to them. These little crystals have the same effect.
On the bottom you have the same little crystals that sandwich a beautiful multi-faceted crystal that has stripes of a light blue (towards periwinkle) and reddish orange hues. So, so, so pretty!
Don't worry about these being heavy. I can't stand heavy earrings, and always strive to make mine as light as possible. These are light as feathers!
Length: Long. Over 2 inches.
PRICE: Currently I am having a SALE on all of my items. Original price is $15. But with this code: FALL10 you can get them for 10% off less!
SHIPPING:  I ship the day of the order, maximum the day after. FEDEX standard shipping with tracking order number for $5.99 in the U.S. Everywhere else is $6.99.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for certain shipping requests. Click here to send me a convo on Etsy. Scroll down the page and click contact the shop owner.
Hope you enjoyed this post, and thank you for visiting the blog!
Have any questions or comments?  Don't hesitate to leave a comment. I promise I will respond to you.

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