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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Holiday Showcase 11/4/12 Multi Faceted Crystal Drops Earrings

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I started a new weekend series called the Holiday Showcase, featuring holiday gift ideas from Margica on Etsy, and I plan on doing this every weekend for the holiday season--- Saturday and Sunday!
I already posted two pairs of metallic crystal earrings. Scroll down to posts before this one, and you can read about them if you wish!

Today I have another pair of earrings to show you. And yes, they do have metallic crystals as well!

                                                 Multi-Faceted Crystal Drops Earrings
                                                  (click here for item's page on Etsy)

   As you can see these earrings have larger Czech crystals than the one's I featured yesterday. They are a bit more chunky. Have no fear though, for these are very light to wear.

(Note: Those pearl heads that you see, are actually pins that I used to hang these earrings on for the picture)

I made these in mind to look great with many different looks. Great to wear for holiday parties, cocktail evenings, or maybe even for a professional work day. Even with a rather basic day look, these earrings can bring a little something extra to your look.

MATERIALS: Wired in silver, as I do with all my earrings. These earrings feature three different Czech crystals. As I have said before, I love to use these crystals which are made in the Czech Republic. Crystals are a Czech specialty. If you ever happen to travel and visit Prague for example, you'll find TONS of crystals of all colors and finishes that are sold in the city markets.
Its simply amazing!

As for the clasps, these also have silver lever-backs which I like to use alot. When I first started making jewelry, I used to use hooks and give ear stoppers to my girls at work who would buy from me.
I soon found that it was easier to use lever-backs instead as they are more secure in the ear, and frankly easier to wear!

FEATURES: Ok! All three crystals are multi faceted, BUT each has a different cut and a different finish.

The top crystal is a small round multi faceted crystal. It has a AB finish (which stands for aurora borealis). This finish provides a beautiful play with the light when the crystal is hit. As it is AB, you have reflections of a rainbow of colors! So pretty! This crystal is also fire-polished. It is my understanding that fire-polished crystals have a special process when they are made.
To give them their brilliance and high intensity they are heated three times in the heating process.
Hence the name fire-polished.

To describe the color, this crystal has a smoky blue grey color. The light, the color can change slightly. Which is something that I love!

The middle crystal is a large clear crystal that has a oval type shape to hit. They have a diagonal faceting.

The third crystal has a metallic finish with diagonal spiral-like faceting. I would describe their shape as hexagonal. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing these crystals look in person! Similar to AB, however the colors here are jewel-toned! You can get gorgeous deep emerald greens, amethyst purple, a golden peridot color, and sapphire blue. Again, with the light the colors can change!

ON SALE! Yes you read that correctly! Currently I am having a store-wide sale on Etsy. Original price is $28.00. But use this coupon code FALL10 and take 10% off!

Shipping: I try to ship the day of the order. The latest would the day after. I used standard FEDEX shipping. Within the U.S I charge $5.99 and everywhere else $6.99.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for special shipment requests!
Click here and scroll down the item's page on Etsy to click contact shop owner.
Or you can email me at margicajewelry@gmail.com (Email use this for business inquiries only)
Or leave a comment and I will respond, I promise!

BIG NOTE! I forgot to mention this yesterday, but the earrings that I had featured in this weekend's Holiday Showcases, are all ONE OF A KIND! Yes, that means I only have ONE pair of each earring.

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