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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Aruba-Ruba: Make Way for the Sun!!!

  Now that May is finally here, summer is only a little more than a month away!
Of course, some of you may have already started your 'summer' vacation by going away to some exotic location in paradise. Or for those of us who aren't traveling anytime soon,  we pamper ourselves by other ways to indulge ourselves with the spirit of summer!  The inspiration to wear tropical fragrances, drink mojitos or frozen daiquiris, wear light summer dresses,  and who can forget the accessories!!
    I made a jewelry set inspired by the fabulous vacation getaway location: Aruba!!
The golden sun, aquamarine skies, and of course the glistening crystal-clear ocean....*sigh*... I am there already!...
With an aqua aventurine pendant, adorned with czech crystals and glass beads, I wired this necklace with sterling silver with a bali silver clasp. Earrings are definitely an eye-catcher!!

The crystals will sparkle and sparkle; catches the sunlight so beautifully, that you should expect many compliments!
Please tell me what you think!!!

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