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Friday, May 20, 2011

River Pebble

    Recently at a sale event, watching women come and go as they looked at our pieces, I realized that most of them were not looking in fact for that special OOAK (one of a kind) piece. They were just browsing for a bargain. With today's economy it is understandable. If it were otherwise, it would be different. However I noticed that, although they looked for a great bargain, many didn't really have a clue as to what they were looking at. I pride in myself  of using quality materials such as semi precious stones, silver, and swarovski crystals. But to some of these women, they could have been looking at plastic, cheap metal, and glass for all they knew! It struck me really hard, and I had the compulsive need to shout out and say, "Hello! May I have your attention please! This piece is..."
  Yes you are looking at necklaces, earrings, and so forth, but you are also looking at the manual labor that was put in to make them. Hours of toiling with a few beads, as well as coming up with the concept that would please a woman's eye. What you are looking at is also made of love, imagination, and dedication, for not saying the many years behind learning the trade. They are unique as are women individually. Only one piece of that concept exists for only one woman to have in the world.
  Sometime last fall, somewhere on a river bank, just before sunset I packed up our picnic stuff and called out to my daughter, and pooch Muffy. Funny enough, Muffy came running to me holding a pebble in her mouth! I love collecting stones and as a joke I said, "Thanks Muffy you have great taste!". I spent that night playing with that pebble in my hand, and suddenly a light bulb lit up! And that is how the "Fisherman's Daughter" came to be created! I crocheted silver wire into a delicate mesh that framed Muffy's pebble. Like the pebble, this piece is unique, and only one woman can have it.
   Sure the pebble is just a pebble, but I made the piece in such a way that the pebble is not just a pebble anymore.  It is now a piece of jewelry. One woman thought so and she bought it. Bonne chance my little pebble!!

Fisherman's Daughter

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