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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Delaware Waters

       It was a lovely July afternoon on the Delaware River, on our favorite route 209. After cooling down into its clear waters, my daughter and I had a wonderful picnic, and we were watching a couple of dragonflies zooming above and under the ancient rocks in a frantic dance that absolutely mesmerized our dog Muffy. She practically resembled an Egyptian statue, only her eyes were moving following the dragonflies. All of a sudden she plunged into the water as thousands of droplets rose into the air, creating an instant rainbow to the enchantment of my daughter.
      Yes, it was a lovely afternoon. Well into the night when everybody was sound asleep (swimming does wonders) I had a little bit of time to look into my box of wonders,where I keep my special stones. I looked at some Mongolian jasper and I said, "Yes! They do resemble the pebbles found in the Delaware river!" They have that blue-ish grey wonder in them. I mixed them up with some aqua and iridescent crystals to mimic the water droplets created by Muffy's jump. And so, Muffy's jump has been immortalized into a beautiful necklace. I called it "The Delaware Waters". Of course the woman who will wear it can apply her own story to make it hers. To each their own.

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