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Thursday, August 11, 2011

USA: Third World Country

   Why do I feel so edgy lately? I just cannot seem to understand the world I live in anymore. Am I losing my sanity? Political games at home and everywhere else, social unrest in the name of I don't know what, natural and man made disasters, everything spins around fast fast fast as a broken compass unable to indicate the north anymore....
  Watching the news I saw one of the top CNN reporters and a medical correspondent bravely standing in a refugee camp in Somalia reporting hardships of the local population----yes, truly it is heartbreaking, poverty, hunger, deep deprivation of the most basic needs for life. However, I cannot stop myself thinking----hey wait a minute, I never saw these guys so involved in their own country. Reporting about the hungry, yes HUNGRY American children....Yup we care more about the so called third world and we cannot see the poverty that spreads at home like wild-fire. I am just an ordinary person, but I can say one thing---clear up your act Big Boys and CARE FIRST OF OUR CHILDREN RIGHT NOW AND HERE AT HOME. OUR CHILDREN ARE THIS COUNTRY'S FUTURE, WHAT ABOUT THEIR HEALTH AND EDUCATION?
     INVEST your efforts of saving the world right here first at home guys! As I see it now, we are very much a third world country in this respect.

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