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Friday, August 19, 2011

From Dekas with Love

   A few days ago, I received a small bag filled with pebbles from an island in the Aegean Sea. A co-worker of mine, a sweet and bubbly friend spent her vacation with her family in the island of Kimolos. She knew that I made a few pieces of jewelry inspired by the blue waters around the Cyclades islands, and wanted to bring back a small token of love from Greece. Before she left, it is true I joked and told her to bring me  a few stones from the beach. To my amazement she gathered two fistfuls of beach pebbles from Dekas beach and gave me a wonderful token of friendship. I have no words to describe how touched I am by her gift. The pebbles are an amalgam of jaspers, coral, calcarous rocks, and volcanic gravel that I can definitely create really unique pieces of jewelry. Now it is my turn to amaze her. The ordinary beach pebbles will be transformed one by one into something that even Aphrodite will be impressed by.  For now I made these pairs of earrings and of course more are to come.....from Dekas with love.


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