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Friday, August 5, 2011

Aegean Blue

    It's summer in New York, it's hot, humid, sticky and I love it. For me it's wonderful to sit outside and enjoy a cold drink at one of my favorite places in colorful Astoria, Taverna Cyclades! I said enjoy a cold drink, because to get a table at this wonderful restaurant usually takes an hour or so....no reservations. However, this place has the best grilled seafood in this part of the Atlantic. While waiting you feel transported to a small village somewhere in the Aegean Islands....here you can take your pick. Could be Mikonos, or Paras, or the enchanted Santorini, as you please, feel free to dream.  I have a dilemma however, was the Aegean Sea named after Aegea the Queen of the Amazons? Or could it be after Aegeus, Theseus' father? Not even the Greeks can tell.
     Anyway I had time to explain to my daughter that the Aegean Sea is part of the Mediterranean Sea off southeast Europe between Greece and Turkey. This sea is dotted with thousands of islands, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, and the Sporades. The Cyclades group have around 2,200 islands of which only 33 are inhabited. By the time my geographic lesson was given, our table was ready and our Greek feast began. Mmmmm.....what a treat!....The grilled fresh seafood is indeed food for the Gods!
   Returning home I couldn't break the magic I felt. I needed to create something that would seal in a tangible manner our Aegean night out. The blue italian silky yarn, the white shell beads, and the gorgeous spiral blue glass beads have been put together to materialize a necklace fit for a queen. I chose these spiral blue glass beads to symbolize the sea waves. After all the Turkish Shores of the Aegean Sea are named EGE DENIZI (means 'waves' in the Turkish language).  With this said, before posting this I made myself a cup of coffee as my mom always made it. My Greek friends call it Greek coffee and my Turkish friends call it Turkish coffee. Nonetheless it is the same coffee as Aegean and EGE DENIZI are one and the same sea. Yep...it is time to post this...have fun and meet you on a beautiful summer evening for a Greek feast at the Taverna Cyclades!


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