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Monday, August 1, 2011

Tangerine Twist---Dreaming of Havana

  Oh! Frustration equals creativity's seed! This July, everything came to a standstill situation, financially I mean---awful, no? But hey, our government...is playing "cowboys and aliens". We all know the story. With everything going up, up, and up, and our incomes going down, down, and down, there is only one thing left to do. Tighten up your belt to the last hole and work harder to reinvent the wheel. That is the only way you can move things again. If the Egyptians were able to build the pyramids, I know that I can survive this one too.
   True to my spirit I began to experiment with different materials, textures, as well as colors to make something beautiful, original to please the inner goddesses in all of us. I really need to create something new and special to promote my business to a new level.
  So.... I made myself a cool mojito and I listened to Harry Bellafonte's songs. When I am trying to come up with new ideas I always listen to music, and I mean MUSIC not noise.... Its a way to let my imagination float freely into the realm of creativity. I turned to this pretty and feminine tangerine ribbon, and thought to myself---why not? As I was listening to "Guantanamera" and sipping my mojito, with fresh mint and a slice of lime no beach umbrella, I imagined myself in Old Havana and my little light bulb went....blinngg! And here it is my....bliiinnngg!

Tangerine Twist/ Crocheted Ribbon Necklace with White Shell and Coral Howlite
       Tangerine Twist
Made of ribbon, natural white shell beads, and  dyed coral howlite.

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  1. wow! this is stunning! I love your inspiration behind it :)