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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Showcase: Magenta Ornament Earrings 12/2/12

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a peaceful Sunday.

   Now that it's officially December, some of us might already be starting to decorate our homes for the holidays. A few days before Thanksgiving, I've started to see Christmas tree vendors pop up in my area. Crazy right?
   I wasn't going to get one then, and probably will wait another week or so before I do (maybe two?).
However, decorating the Christmas tree is one of my favorite things during the holidays, hands down! Its just so much fun! Every year I try to decorate it differently. One year I went with a all-out silver theme with white lights, and last year I chose all the rich jewel-color ornaments that I had (I have alot of christmas tree ornaments- A TON!) with multi colored and white lights.

 Love to shop for ornaments, every year it seems I add a few to my collection.

Well, go figure, because I made a pair of earrings inspired by them. (!)

Magenta Ornament Earrings
Available on Etsy.

 But I wonder, does this now mean I am obsessed with christmas tree ornaments? Haha. Just kidding!

Features:  Wired in silver. These lovelies are but 3 inches long. But don't worry, you know me--- looove it when my earrings are featherlight in my ears. So, I made these to be super light!

  The color of these beads (two of which are fashion beads, and the bottom a faceted crystal) all fall in the same color family- a magenta fuchsia pink.

Each earrings has a lever back closure for a secure fit. The top bead is sandwiched with two small gun-metal hematite colored multi-faceted crystals. (Whoah! that was a long one to say! lol)

Then you have this really cool diamond shaped fashion bead, that is semi-clear with swirly stripes of magenta in it. Whats a fashion bead? I call them that, because they are not glass, pearl, or a semi-precious stone. These are made of a durable plastic. Alot of  major retail stores use fashion beads for their jewelry. Hence, their light fit.

Lastly, the bottom dangle bead IS a crystal that is faceted all the way round! These are so rich and vibrant in color.  You can kind of see in the picture, how the crystals show slightly different hues of magenta and fuchsia. Its subtle, but with the light--gosh, sooo pretty.

Well that's it for today's holiday showcase!
If you love christmas tree ornaments as I much as I do, well, now you wear them!

Thanks so much for checking this post out! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post below. I promise to respond!

happy holidays!


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