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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holiday Showcase 12/8/12: Green Fashion Bead and Peridot Crystal Earrings

Hello Lovelies!

  Yesterday I heard that Pantone, (who is responsible for forecasting color trends in fashion, interior design, makeup, and yes, jewelry!) had officially announced that the color of the year 2013 is....wait for it!.... Emerald Green!
  Which is great! Have always been fond of emerald, and knowing that next year (which is only a few weeks away- whoah!) this color will get some extra attention, I already have in mind to make a few pieces in ode to this color....stay tuned!
Tangerine Tango was this year's color of the year. Although the trends will be moving on, I certainly won't forget you oh tangerine! Haha, no really, why would I?
 Now for today's Holiday Showcase, I figured why not in honor of Pantone's announcement post a piece that's green?

Ok, so, these aren't exactly Emerald Green, but they are green!
So instead, this post will be just a "green" one.

 I only made one pair of these and probably won't make another, as some of the material that I used is no longer available for me to get my hands on.
Wired in silver, these have a lever back clasp which I tend to use because once on they stay put.
Starting from the top bead, you have a spiral-hexagonal shaped crystal that is faceted all the way round (or hexagonally ? I don't know). The color is a light peridot color, and as you can see in the picture you can see through them.
Sandwiched by two small hematite-toned faceted crystals, you have these large fashion beads. I was referring to these beads when I meant that some of the material is no longer available for me to get. Which is a pity, because these are so pretty and I haven't seen anything like them before.
They are certainly cool to look at. With an aurora borealis (AB) finish, they have a wavy oval form, and oh, can you see the swirls in them?
For measurements these lovelies are 3 inches long, and so very lightweight!

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