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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A piece for my daughter

       A new year, a new beginning, new strength, new hopes and the list can go on and on...
Every single piece of jewelry that I create has a certain symbolism and meaning; stones, crystals, and fibers are paired to create a meaningful piece with its own special power. Each year I dedicate the first piece I make to my daughter-- she is my first customer, I please her, I please the world.

   For my new design I was inspired by the ivy plant. Its everlasting vitality, strengths and survival perseverance is to be admired. The snake-like design of the cord enhances the symbolic power of the ivy. The round shape of this choker makes you think of the continuity of the life cycle and infinite possibilities. I sprinkled 12 crystals (each representing a month of the year), AB (aurora borealis) fire-polished, that are of the icy blue reflections of the polar skies. The deep ultramarine ribbon color reminds me of something we both love, the ocean, and of our enchanting vacations out in the Outer Banks, NC.

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