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Monday, March 26, 2012

Route 209 to the Delaware Gap

    Currently my daughter is home from school for spring break. This past Saturday we decided to spend the day out in the great outdoors, to see how lady spring has decorated one of our favorite places --- the Delaware Gap.
     As soon as we crossed the Hudson river Mother Nature saluted us with clear blue skies. I cannot describe this amazing feeling that I get whenever we cross the Tappan Zee Bridge. Away from the city life, away from the conglomeration and high stress from day to day life. With the city behind us and only the road to the Delaware Gap before us, I just can’t help but feel so happy and giddy! It’s funny how you notice the differences when you’re out on the road. The beautiful trees that are beginning to blossom (quite early this year too!), and the many, many hawks circling above them. They are so majestic! And so large too. I can’t imagine how big they are in person, they must be enormous if we see them down below so large. Anyway, there were so many, I mean literally at every bend and turn there would be at least 7 or 8 at a time. We simply lost count!
       The Delaware Gap is a favorite spot of ours because 1) if you love nature and its landscapes you can understand, you are surrounded by these beautiful mountains that envelop the Delaware river with each bend. 2) There are grounds where you go fishing, and go picnicking with your family and pets! Our Muffy loves it there! We go to our usual spot marked by a rather large weather battered limestone rock.
     We had a lovely picnic at the Gap. Muffy chased all the ducks on the banks (got real muddy too), picked a few pebbles for my jewelry. She has a special talent for this; loves to grab large pebbles in her mouth  and then plop them on my lap. Too cute :)
     After the picnic we headed onward on Route 209 landing in Milford, PA. It is such a lovely historic town with lots of little boutiques and shops. Unfortunately due to current economic times a lot of the local businesses have closed out of business.
     We did though find a neat thrift shop hidden behind an art/antique boutique called “Calling All Angels”.  I must say that I found the neatest tangerine suede leather blazer for an astonishing affordable price ($1!), plus it was in mint condition. I got it for my daughter and it looks really chic on her. Likewise my daughter found a really nice red wind jacket for me too. We met with the owners of the shop and they were so lovely. They told me a good deal about the town and their shop with a noble cause.  “Calling All Angels” is a thrift shop, in which all proceeds (after paying rent) go to the local Food Bank supporting over 150 needy families in the area.  Yes, we found some neat items, but the story behind this place gave quite an impression on me.
        Wrapping up, on our way home there was this guy out on Route 209 in this funny costume holding up a sign “Honk if you Red heart Liberty”. I couldn’t help but smile and honk!

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