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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

St. Nicholas Day- The Spirit of Christmas Begins

           This year, I am watching in horror how the most magical time of the year is transformed into a circus conducted by money hungry lunatics. Supposedly they are saving the crippled economy???? CHRISTMAS decorated stores in the first week of november?
What happened to after Thanksgiving? In the name of what are you killing our traditions? MONEY? Are you taking any with you when you depart? No, you leave as you came,only with your soul-GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU!
          As a child growing up, on the eve of the 6th of december, all the children placed their best pair of shoes on the window sill.Of course our shoes needed to be sparkly clean and polished so ST.NICHOLAS would fill them with candy and chocolates, new socks,and school supplies. We all tried that evening to be at our best behavior, as to show ST.NICHOLAS that we were indeed little angels all year long. Before falling asleep, I always said a special prayer asking him to overlook anything that I might have done to upset my parents, promising from the bottom of my heart to be the most obedient child ever on this planet. I don't have to say I always fell asleep with my fingers crossed.
            Tradition was, according to the way we behaved over the year, we would be rewarded on this pre-CHRISTMAS visit by ST.NICHOLAS. A mischievous child, will find in his shoes a wooden stick and nothing else. That meant, until CHRISTMAS he or she needed to really become a little angel, otherwise there will be no gifts under the CHRISTMAS TREE. SANTA DOES NOT COME TO BRING GIFTS TO A BRAT !OH HO HO! Now that was the best month for our parents. There was a real competition to demonstrate how good we did in school, help with the house chores and so on....! Can't describe how we counted the days until CHRISTMAS DAY EVE, when we would fall asleep amid all the wonderful aromas from my mom's kitchen, where the oven was baking the most delicious cookies, sweet traditional Christmas bread and so many more goodies .
            Waking up CHRISTMAS morning, my brother and I would run to the living room to find the most amazing fresh CHRISTMAS TREE EVER. I remember how we closed our eyes, before looking under its branches to see what Santa brought us.
        As an eastern orthodox, these childhooh memories are precious to me. I grew up in hard times from a religious point of view, in which the goverment tried to impose an atheist education. I will forever remember the love that embraced our home at CHRISTMAS.Traditions that unite a family are a good thing, and should be carried on, as the magic time of CHRISTMAS DAY really begins with ST.NICHOLS DAY, 6th of december. Stop the circus and take a second to remember what we do celebrate, your home will be a much happier one.HO,HO,HO.....

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